Goodbye Sweet Carolina

5.26.13 – On May 1st, I moved from Columbia, South Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts. With this transition, I have also retired the Cycling The South blog, and established my new site, Cycling En Mass. It will most certainly be a trip, one which begins on my new, beautiful, tree-lined street of Saint Botolph.Saint Botolph

Mysterious Lady Spotted Riding Harbison

1.6.13 – Columbia has had some incredibly comfortable weather lately, and even a causal rider like Ms. McGregor (pictured here) couldn’t resist borrowing a friend’s mountain bike to tackle the terrain on some of Columbia’s most harrowing trails at Harbison State Forest. Merrill survived this outing despite a plethora of rocks, drops and exposed roots, dwindling sunlight, and limited vision from a failure to wear her glasses.

Merrill on a Giant

Bike-Friendly Columbia

11.25.12 – I had a leisurely breakfast at Drip this morning in Five Points while my bike stood locked to a recently installed corral up the street. Not only do these installations get bikes off of trees, light posts and signs, but they also help legitimize bicycling as transportation choice. Thanks goes out to the City of Columbia for continuing to endorse active lifestyles.