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Cape Ride 2013: 145 miles in 14 Hours

6.23.2013 – This past Sunday, I had the great pleasure of joining a small group of friends for their 2013 Cape Ride. Started about 20 years ago by a Harvard professor, the trip is a challenging, yet relaxed and scenic 145 miles from Boston to Provincetown packed into a single day. Intentionally scheduled for a weekend close to the summer solstice, we set off from Jamaica Pond at about 5:30am, picked up a few more riders in Plymouth, enjoyed lobster rolls, old-fashioned ice cream, fresh strawberries and honest-to-goodness spring water along the way, and eventually coasted into Provincetown around dinnertime after battling fierce headwinds coming off of Cape Cod Bay for the last five miles or so. It was definitely a trip to remember, one shared with great people and covering some beautiful parts of the Commonwealth. Thank you all for having me along, and I hope to join you again in 2014. Cheers!

Cape Ride 2013


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