Bike-Friendly Columbia

11.25.12 – I had a leisurely breakfast at Drip this morning in Five Points while my bike stood locked to a recently installed corral up the street. Not only do these installations get bikes off of trees, light posts and signs, but they also help legitimize bicycling as transportation choice. Thanks goes out to the City of Columbia for continuing to endorse active lifestyles.


Congaree National Park

10.29.12 – South Carolina’s environmental groups recently held their annual EcoLeaders Summit at Congaree National Park outside of Columbia. The park boasts the largest intact stand of old growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the southeast US. Riding out along Bluff Road requires complete mental isolation from the heavy truck traffic, high speeds (depending on the driver) and lack of shoulder, but if you can ignore the danger until you reach Old Bluff Road, Crom rewards you with a tranquil stretch of country road leading up to the park entrance. From downtown, the ride approaches 40 miles round-trip, which helps explain why I got pummeled at tennis later that night.